Conspiracy Theory: Is my Android tablet a Windows PC?

Android 5.0 Lollipop vs. Windows 7

Why is the Bootscreen and close-down screen similar?

Singularity, similarity, simultaneously

Even now small errors in the UIs covers on the interplay between Google Android-Lollipop and Microsoft Windows-7.

Is the playful home screen of Windows-8 has been completely turned off, yet can be used with Windows-7 the interaction disclose.
Let's see what's up further with the next version of Android with its home screen? If it is turned off automatically, as dictated in Windows 8?

Should not the home screen explicitly programmed only to disguise the equality?

Some colors looks like they were from the same color-table regions.

The red sparkling stars are both times flat circles.

The distances between the circles, the curves and the orbit paths are an allusion to, the physics scientists called the "Black Material". That is no singular similarity, it's an proof of simultaneous map the origin of the universe pictured from this "Next Gen. Guys" (abbreviation for: generation).

The last scene, the close-down screen, reminds to a movie with a end which can really happens. The happy circles cooperate with each other and get in one new figure - the brand logo.

The theory is that all "patent warheads" are exhausted from a past patent acquisition of a merger (editor's note: called the "Rockstar Consortium") against Google's Android [1] now and he should stop the big potential showdown of Google with Android. What is now the patent war threatens to break down in to be able to predict profitability and relevance due to lack of opportunities and hence Microsoft or Google will see the only chance as the OS of the other to buy. What needs to be done already, so as to facilitate by "equality" changers the move, which will be observed in the future propagated in both directions. Here one should not let the voice of the condemned unheard, but Google has been surpassed by the Rockstar Consortium and tried now in the urban jungle to the side to make him who is always right - right. [2]

But beware, global players have not often before realizing their patents themselves, but simply to cash in or to take the lid on the matter.

[1] The "Rockstar Consortium" can't be described as troubleshooter with ... - How Apple and Microsoft Armed 4,000 "Patent Warheads":
[2] Google's fast, positive and logical reply - When patents attack Android:

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