Can't sync a Nokia Lumia, e.g. 920 with PC via USB cable connection

Windows Phone 8 dont sync with PC

"The device is in an incompatible modus"

Can’t sync my Nokia Lumia 920, Windows Phone 8, to a PC which runs under Windows 7 or Windows 8? All USB-connection drivers, Nokia PC Suite, Windows Phone app [1] or Nokia Music Player were installed.
All you have to do is to create a Nokia account. You can connect to Nokia with an created and activated Facebook account. After creating a Nokia account the connection with a PC running under Window 7 or Window 8 is persistent applied.

Maybe it helps to switch the handy power off and on respectively with restart.

The running operation system doesn’t matter. I had installed Windows 7 and Windows 8 and both times it doesn’t work and after created a Nokia account on my Lumia 920 it works fine on both Windows platforms.

Create a Nokia account

-- or --

The Windows Phone is now shown in the File Explorer, also as usable with synchronation tools like Nokia Musik Player or others mention above.

[1] Windows Phone app:

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