Put scripts at the bottom of the HTML body


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In most cases it is better to put the Javascript script at the very most bottom of the HTML document. It is possible inside the HTML body element.
There are only a few minor reasons against this bottom placement.


  • Do not disturb the HTML load content with script loadings.
  • Javascript need the first full loaded HTML content to interact with the UI.
  • No time spend for validation scripts to ensure the HTML load events are raised.
  • Even for catch raised events, it is a saver coding in cross browsers.


  • The readability for the HTML document will be deteriorate oneself, e.g. for long documents.
  • Very slow script loadings will irritate the user, e.g. no javascript interaction is possible with the loaded HTML content, till the script is loaded.

Example: Javascript placed at the HTML body bottom.

        // content
        <script type="text/javascript" src="js/script.js"></script>

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