How to optimally Position a Wireless Access Point or Router

The physics of where to put a Wi-Fi router


Don't put the Wifi router in a corner or under a desktop

If the receiving signal terrible or the signal interrupts often and you can't reconnect as fast as you want. One possibility is to check other placer for your Wifi router.

Electronic radiation, e.g. wifi signals, spread always linearly. They don’t make curves. If they don't go through a wall the will be reflect by surfaces.
But big walls and furniture will not only reflect the electric wifi signals, they will disturb and harm them a lot with reflections which cause terrible interference.

It shall be not a good idea to put the wifi device in a privacy, unimportant corner of the room.

Only a higher position is no reason for a better reception and transmission for the internet wifi signals. The wall's corners are still there. The radiation interference still occurs.

Avoid reflective surfaces

The top of the TV-cupboard is a good spot to leave your Wi-Fi router for best coverage.
Physical obstructions were not the only visible barriers along the signals. Room-corners, cabinets or windows cause bad reflections and interference.

Because of poor reception I don`t put my old wifi devices in the trash and buy a new one. There is no worry to do this.

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